Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Posting help

Apparently a lot of people have been having problems with the posting comments. I've gotten several emails. When posting comments, click on the ''0 comments'' link (or whatever number it is). The letter/mail icon does some sort of weird homepage link thing. So don't click that. Click the ''# Comments'' link and scroll to the bottom. There is another link at the bottom that says ''Post a Comment''. Click that. Then, a window will pop up and you must scroll to the bottom of that. Type your message and then click ''Other'' and fill in your Name, but not your webpage (cuz you probably don't have one). That way, I know who left the comment. Sorry for the trouble!!! I hope that helps. If not, just email me... concrete_angel0369@yahoo.com

On other news, went shopping in town and got a backpack for school, some school shoes, and a sweater jacket (its cold!). Actually, it has warmed up a little this week, 20° (69° F) today and hopefully 23° (75ish°) tomorrow. I am going to continue to look for more long sleeve shirts. I'm not big on them... I wear short sleeves all year at home, even in winter... just with a sweatshirt. But sweatshirts aren't big here, so I'm looking at the alternatives.

I talked to Denis today (Hi Denis, if you read this!!) For those who don't know Denis, he was the German exchange student at HFL this last year. It was neat because it finaly hit me that I am IN Europe. On a DIFFERENT continent. Plus, no more time difference to worry about when calling! I'm looking forward to school starting and have had a good day because the sun is out. The ''non existant'' bugs are out today, lots of fruit fly things, flys, and butterflys. All flys, lol. And of course the spiders. I even saw a couple of grasshoppers too today.

The Pope is in Cologne for World Youth Day this week... its actually more like world youth ''week'', but anyway, I figured out arrangements to go!! So, I'm going to Köln to see the Pope this weekend!! Wish me luck and hopefully fun! Bis dann.


Brian said...

Greetings from the country that birthed the pizza bagel(AKA: The US of A)! How is old Denis anyway? And remember that all those bugs are a good source of protien. If you are an iguna that is. You're definatly not in Kansas any more Bex. You're so dang lucky. Miss ya!

Me said...

Vas is das schoolenlearning stuff??? Grandpa V.

Grandma V. said...

All the schoolenlearning stuff aside, when does school start? You know can capture some of those bugs and study them. HE! HE! Just keep those darn spiders there. Thank you so much for the card. They took the stiches out of the knee today. The knee does not hurt at all just all the muscles with the excerise. Love,

Dad said...

Hi Becky - great post's, love to hear about your travels. Sorry I missed your call - Have fun in Cologne - going to see the Pope, and cousin Bobby Kennedy!

Love, Dad