Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Ok, so I have the picture software connected, but I can't get my ''Handball'' and ''Day 2'' posts to upload pix, so here are the pics for them... handball pix; Langeoog; Me, Lisa, Merel on the beach; a lighthouse on the island; and the landscape in East Frisia! (actually, I think the picutures might be in backwards order. ooops) Click on the pictures to make them bigger.


David said...

Hey! Those pictures are awesome! It looks like the town your staying in is really nice with lots of cool things. I like all the pictures of the water haha. Keep posting more pictures! I like the house your staying in too. ttyl!

Brian said...

Wow. Some of those pictures look like they were taken in Flordia or somewhere. Keen!
P.S. I never thought I'd ever see a picture with cows, corn, and a neat generator windmill all in it at the same time.

Joel said...

Ganz Toll!

Libby said...

Your pics are amazing! Have fun in Germany, and don't forget my postcard.

Lynn and Ben said...

Hi Becky,
We are enjoying your posting and pictures. We looked at a picture that was titled "Bike" and are confused. Ben thinks their bikes look like boats:)
Good luck at school next week!