Friday, March 25, 2011

Transformation (Alex)

I've had it. Its time for change. I've gone through an enormous personal transformation the past 3 months and its forcing me to live in the world in a new way. I did something today that I should have done years ago. Today, I finally found the courage to move on and live my life for me! This is my life.... financially independent, emotionally mature, dreams ready for the taking. I'm ready to take a huge leap. I am at a point where I have nothing to loose.

In 9 months I will be a business owner, run my own non-profit, pursuit my passions, get the medical health I need, and run property management/rental units.

I know this all sounds vague and idealistic. But I know this is my path and I know that something extraordinarily has happened to me since the start of this year.... and there is so much further to go. This is just the beginning!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wow I've been busy!

The quarter at Mueller is drawing to a close and I am looking back and seeing how rapidly I have have changed. Therapy and DBT is moving along and is a constant source of self-change. My classes at Mueller have really challenged me this quarter as well. My Thai massage class has challenged me to not only learn a new massage modality, but also overcome my PTSD with being touched and receiving massage! My lab class (working on the public giving massage) has pushed me to become a massage therapist and market myself and start building a client list. My Reiki class has challenged me to face a lot of inner daemons and emotional issues, and because of it I have gone through an enormous transformation.

Outside of class, I have been doing research on Integrative health and putting together my business plan and finding ways to accomplish my professional/employment plans and goals! This has taken me to seek out seminars, workshops, and classes, as well as stacks and stacks of books. It has also inspired me to network and reach out to others online and in the community. I have taken on responsibilities in volunteering and moderating and/or running several sites online.

My health has also stabilized. I now know WHAT makes me sick and at a minimum what to avoid. I am slowly making new discoveries to improve my health. I have started seeing a hypnotherapist and meditating regularly, which has helped tremendously too.

This upcoming few months I am looking forward to getting my massage license, starting to exercise regularly, and building my clientel list. My goal is to raise $950 by June 1st to attend a week long certificate program in Vegas for Medical Massage and a weekend workshop in tibetian bowl healing. In DBT we will be leaning about interpersonal effectiveness. My classes are in career development, upper body kinesiolgy, and the body psychology. No doubt, I will learn a lot about myself and continue to grow and be challenged emotionally, intellectually, and professionally.

Finally, I look forward to getting out into the community and volunteering and meeting new people doing activities that I enjoy, like cycling and star-watching. Last week I was offered a position on the steering-committee of the San Diego HRC chapter and will co-chair the diversity committee! I am also working to land a volunteer position with the Alternative Healing Network, a non-profit Integrative Health clinic serving the low-income populations of San Diego. These next few months will be critical as a transition period, because in June/July I will most likely start working again.

So, in summary, I really have been very, very busy. But I am enjoying life and moving forward with hope and love. :-D