Saturday, December 18, 2010

Free from School! (Vickie)

It is finally break! Wow.... I can't believe it. My roommate moved out and it has been absolutely wonderful. Having extra space in the apartment has infused me with a new level of creativity, which I thrive off of. I'm a TCM Wood element. Meaning, I thrive on creating and expanding. I've been devoting some serious time to my Rotaract club, starting my business, and learning as much as I can about the biochemistry of food allergies and remedies. I even got a chance to carve out some space for a music and art studio in the living room, which makes me unbelievably happy. I got a little mini Christmas tree that I put in the middle of the space right in front of the window so that I can show off!

On Monday I am flying to Ohio for a week. I'm a bit nervous. Between my diet and not going home for my grandfather's funeral, AND this will be the first time "out of the closet" with my family.... it's going to be an interesting trip!

I also have pictures of my new office space! YAY!

I have been so careful with my diet lately (well... diligent; I have had some pretty nasty slip ups) and I am feeling amazing now. Today, I also met with the HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner.... what I am studying for at Mueller) that I went to for AAT. I haven't been entirely happy about my experience with him, but I am hoping it is worth it. We are doing a combination of AAT and some other programs he is trained in. AAT is apparently not a very good idea in my case because it works in the same way taking a battery out of the fire alarm gives relief from constant alarms that something is wrong. But my "alarms" are apparently not false alarms and there is some legit underlying problems. We did do an AAT session today for Oxalates, which hopefully will take the edge off of my sensitivities so that I can take some of my supplements. In the mean time, I am learning a lot about new energy therapies. I am totally amazed by the physics. Check out this link (its a 45 minute clip) about muscle testing and a protocol they are using in Japan.

and this one about the supposed discovery of the "fountain of youth". The team even got a Nobel prize! My HHP wants me to take it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lyme & Co is coming back (Vickie)

I feel like I am descending into my own little autistic world again. My symptoms from the Lyme Disease and Co-infections are returning. It is still worth it to stay on this new diet (which also means I can't take my Lyme meds), it is incredibly frustrating.

- My mental clarity is decreasing. I feel like I am in a bubble and fuzzy.
- My spacial manipulation is impaired (dyslexia, symbols & numbers are harder to comprehend, difficult to organize things and line them up, etc)
- My sleep is much more shallow
- Opportunistic infections are coming back. Candida is the biggest one, but several others too.
- Decrease in facial recognition. I can't see the details in faces anymore and be able to identify people.
- concentration is faltering. I tried to take my math test this morning. What normally takes me less than 20 minutes took me twice as long.
- Urges to rock, talk in animal sounds, and hit myself returning

It is disturbing and anxiety provoking. I feel like I am getting lost in my own world again where I am having trouble connecting with other people and navigating through the world. It is getting harder to balance my life and get tasks done. I want to scream for somebody to help me. But I know that I am the only one that can help myself.

Unfortunately, unemployment is on the rocks again. I am being forced to open my business 9 months early. My roommate moved out unexpectedly, so I converted the room into an office. But now I have a lot of pressure to somehow make $500 extra a month, at least. And then I am most likely completely dependent on my business to cover all my expenses in March. It's not an impossible task, but will be just that much more difficult with my Lyme problems returning.

This Holistic Health Practitioner that I am seeing for AAT has so far been a disaster. He gave me some supplements that have gluten in them. I am honestly afraid to see him again. I am hoping to be able to work with him without all the supplements and make some progress so that I can take my Lyme meds. It is my only hope right now.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Name

It's official! I've been on a cloud all day. Its my re-birthday. hehe. I'm RVA legally now. Now I get to run all around to the DMV and IRS and SSI and the bank, my school, my financial aid, etc and change my name. I updated my name at one of my schools today and finally got a student ID card (i've been waiting until the name change was official). I look so happy in my picture!