Tuesday, September 26, 2006

... i should be yelled at for not updating. It has been an usually long time.

Well. Its been a month in college now. And I can't believe it! In actuality, it feels like a lot longer. I am taking a Pre-Health/Medicine track with a major in Anthropolgy. Chem is killing me, but on the flip side, my anthropology class is a breeze. Granted, there is a lot of reading, but the concepts behind them are totally not foreign to me (for once!). It's like everything that has ever interested me, my whole life long, is wrapped up into one discipline. That is sooo cool!

My dorm is located in the center of campus, next to the student union and physical education center. It is the international dorm, Babcock, so I have made tons of friends with similar values, interests, and goals. So far, some of my better friends are from the USA (Ohio and Washington St.), India, Pakistan, the UK, a global nomad (from Somalia, Ivory Coast, Egypt, USA, and Italy), and a German (from Hamburg). Life keeps me busy around here with the kitchen and lounge in the basement, and hence the center of late night activities.

Last week I started working because I got a job in the Wellness center. I enjoy it almost too much. Bascially, I'm getting paid for what I volunteered for, for 3 years in high school. That is, working with organizations and companies in drug and alcohol related issues and awareness, under the general heading of Health Promotion. I get to organize activities on campus, help with website design, manage grant money, create programs from the ground up and implement them, and do public relations as well. Then last night I had an interview with the campus volunteer student EMT group, which is under the same department heading coincidentally, to try and get on the team. If I make it, all be spending most of my October getting nationally certified in CPR and first aid. After that, I have security and call duties.

The food here is pretty good. There are two cafeterias. The main one has a wide variety, with vegetarian, international, "basic", a deli, and a grill, among other things. The smaller one is in a more formal lounge which serves more hearty and healthy single meals vs all you can eat buffet.

Midterms are already this week. So, that means I have to figure out what I have been actually learning in Chem. Maybe the third time will be the charm. I obviously didn't retain anything from high school, and "reviewing" it in class here didn't bring it back. I would love to get messages and comments!