Thursday, March 31, 2005

i know where im going!

I'm going to lower saxony, niedersachsen, the upper part, near Bremen. From what I have gathered so far, there is a lot of heather and blueberries.... o! heather on the hill.... just like Brigadoon. There is a huge interest in bicycling and health there (YAY) and lots of asperagus (good thing i like it... although i'm not all that sure of white asperagus), tons of seafood, and a whole bunch of railroads... including steam! It is an extremely large and diverse area. Supposedly I find out my host family and town next week. YIPPIE!

Sunday, March 27, 2005


i just watched Super Size Me and I am happy to note that they themselves mentioned that europeans tend to eat healthier! Well, i knew that, but I like to hear others say that. I'm lookin forward to real food! Not Micky-D's, boxed scallops, and canned soups. We don't eat that stuff much at my house anyway, but its stressful that my school and it seems american culture perscribe to deep fried food and proccesed junk.

Lessons are coming along. I have been really busy trying to catch up with hw still and with the school musical... Brigadoon. This upcoming week is the show, so it is going to be a looooong week. Call is at 5:30 and the curtain falls at 9:30, so I don't get home till 10:30. We have shows and full rehearsals monday, wednesday, thrusday, friday, and two on saturday. Ugh. Its fun though, and almost over.

Friday, March 11, 2005

ich heisse becky

For every hour in class (tutoring), i am getting about 4-5 hours outside of class of homework. I even have to do projects and tests! ick! but i am learning really fast. She is grading really hard and i am still pulling off 90's and i am working really hard b/c my survival depends on this. I should know any day where i am going. I emailed Volker, my country represenative but I haven't heard back from him either. I want to practice my german, but i wouldn't get very far if I tried to talk on ICQ... an international IM. Its way cool. also, bis bald (well, see you soon)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I'm a veggie girl... so learning that wursts are conglomerations of minced meats, including horses, has me a bit concerned about my diet for the upcoming year. I just found the coolest audio "teach yourself" french cds, that have german equivalents that I am going to try and find. My art teacher has decided to learn german with me, so he ordered a different company's program. Currently, I can't even find time for my lesson hw, let alone get a grasp on the Berlitz program i've been chipping away at. I am so behind in school, and along with musical practice, I have little time for anything, including sleep. But i'm so used to being tired, i don't notice much anymore. That could be a good thing and a bad thing. I can''t wait until the musical and AP tests are over because there are stackes of books I want to read in the library about france and germany. I may be going to germany, but I intend on learning as much about france as I can too. I wish I was going to france almost, because I know the language a lil already. o well, the consolation I have is that in the end, I will know 3 languages, intead of one. Plus, learning french from german instead of english will be a really neat challenge... might even prove to be easier than a german english class. I'm no good with english grammer. Libraries are the neatest places... free too!!!