Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I'm a veggie girl... so learning that wursts are conglomerations of minced meats, including horses, has me a bit concerned about my diet for the upcoming year. I just found the coolest audio "teach yourself" french cds, that have german equivalents that I am going to try and find. My art teacher has decided to learn german with me, so he ordered a different company's program. Currently, I can't even find time for my lesson hw, let alone get a grasp on the Berlitz program i've been chipping away at. I am so behind in school, and along with musical practice, I have little time for anything, including sleep. But i'm so used to being tired, i don't notice much anymore. That could be a good thing and a bad thing. I can''t wait until the musical and AP tests are over because there are stackes of books I want to read in the library about france and germany. I may be going to germany, but I intend on learning as much about france as I can too. I wish I was going to france almost, because I know the language a lil already. o well, the consolation I have is that in the end, I will know 3 languages, intead of one. Plus, learning french from german instead of english will be a really neat challenge... might even prove to be easier than a german english class. I'm no good with english grammer. Libraries are the neatest places... free too!!!

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