Sunday, March 27, 2005


i just watched Super Size Me and I am happy to note that they themselves mentioned that europeans tend to eat healthier! Well, i knew that, but I like to hear others say that. I'm lookin forward to real food! Not Micky-D's, boxed scallops, and canned soups. We don't eat that stuff much at my house anyway, but its stressful that my school and it seems american culture perscribe to deep fried food and proccesed junk.

Lessons are coming along. I have been really busy trying to catch up with hw still and with the school musical... Brigadoon. This upcoming week is the show, so it is going to be a looooong week. Call is at 5:30 and the curtain falls at 9:30, so I don't get home till 10:30. We have shows and full rehearsals monday, wednesday, thrusday, friday, and two on saturday. Ugh. Its fun though, and almost over.

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