Friday, August 25, 2006

College of Wooster (Ohio)

ok, so yet again, it's been a while. But guess what... I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT! And it is so different that it actually feels normal. Orientation has been packed solid and I have been trying to organize and arrange my (single) room in all my spare time. Today we talked to our academic advisors and picked classes. Now, since I wanna get into Med-school, I gotta lot of work ahead of me. But then, when I went to the website of the graduate school that I am looking at, I discovered that their requirements are about twice as much as (the rigorous and high level) Wooster standards. That basically means.... I bearly have time to fit in my major! For all that are interested, I'm taking introductory courses in Chemistry, Biology, and Anthropology. My "First Year Seminar" is on Sleep and Dreams.

So... I thought I'd update and try to fill in the blanks here of what I've been up to, and the 30 reply-able email I recieved since Monday on Sunday when we finally have free time!

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