Monday, August 14, 2006

the last of summer

One of by best friends (Robert) in Germany is sitting in a plane, as I type, and heading to Michigan for a year. Tomorrow morning, one of my best friends here in the USA (Abbi) is going to be sitting in a plane, flying to Japan for a year. Both are Rotary exchange students. Oh how I empathize! It is a little wierd to think of how I felt last summer as I was flying to Germany and to think that Abbi and Robert are going through that now!

This, of course, is also my last week of summer (or freedom, if you want to call it) before college. My parents and I are driving down to Wooster, Ohio on Friday afternoon. It hit me last night that I gotta pack, again!!! Coming home, that is to the USA, was about simply just the country, and was about the furthest I got to thinking about what was after "I got home". Just being there. Now, I'm not just home, I got another new life coming up. Another new bed, a new room, new people. Another new beginning. Last night as I was running around the house making more german food (actually this one was Hungarian, thanks to my host mom's wonderful cooking) I got to packing stuff into boxes that we had been collecting from all the stores across the greater Rochester area in preparation for dorm time. I'm doing the Freshman thing now! My computer arrives tonight and we gotta pick up the TV friday. My mini-fridge freezeer is shut tight in an ice-block that needs thawed (it's not frosted, its frozen... and unfortunate error on the part of the english language... defrosted? It's gotta be de-frozen!!!), so now it's basking in the sun out in the front yard. AND, I can't forget the summer project! I've been working on the book for amost 3 months now. 4 days and counting....

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