Sunday, August 14, 2005

Handball cup

No one has left me many comments lately. I feel lonely!

Its been busy here. Yesterday I went with Lisa (see previous blogs if you are lost) to Langeoog... one of the islands off the coast. It is absolutly gorgeous. And what makes it better is that cars are forbidden on the island, as are most of the islands. It is really neat! Quiet and calm. All the vegitation grows in sand because the entire island is sand dunes ''frozen'' in place by plants. It makes some interesting hills. And the beach looks like those picture perfect, idylic, white beaches from postcards. I took over 50 pictures but only got about a half a dozen good ones. The hills/dunes made difficult angles to deal with. The watenmeer (mudflats) are really interesting and I hope I get a chance to explore them a little. There is a lot of animals and plants in the watenmeer and even just in general. I don't know if I am noticing the animal life more than normal or not. For example, today i went in the forest (there is a little state park like thing, only a couple of miles deep) and I saw a deer and some big hawk/owl within only an hour. There are tons of little toads, seagauls, giant slugs, and spiders here. You would not belive the amount of spiders that live here. And their webs are strong, thick, and sticky. There don't seem to be mosquitos or flying bugs at all for that matter. But there are flys and its funny that they seem to be slower and stupider than american flys. No one swats them or tries to kill them so they sort of just lazily wander around. But american flys are always running for their lives!

The last two nites there was the German Handball championships in Esens and was a big deal because Esens is so small. I went to most of the games and found them a cross between boring and fascinating (what would you call that?) . I've never heard of Handball before and I would describe it as soccer, basketball, and dodgeball combined. There is this ball (about half the size of a basketball) that is really sticky and two goals, just like soccer goals at both ends of an indoor stadium, similar to basketball, except the floor is not wood, it is that athletic mating, and the players are always paranoid about the floor getting slippery (from sweat and spit, etc). So there are pairs of people who run around with mops to make sure that the floor is perfectly dry. The players just go back and forth, throwing the ball and trying to get the ball in the goals. I got some interesting photos, but they are a little dark. I wish I had photoshop (my photo editing software) to fix them up. I also wish I could post pictures. O well... it'll come eventually.


Brian said...

If something is part boring and part fascinating, you call it... uh... borascinating? Okay. I have NO idea what you call it. I know! Let's just call it Fred! That's a nice friendly name. Ah yes, Fred.
I miss ya. Stay awesome.

Tiffany said...

EEWWW NOT SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad there aren't crazy spiders with nasty webs like that here.. although i suppose there probly are somewhere, but not near least i hope not... i hate spiders... try not to get attacked by them...they are EVIL!!

Anonymous said...

People are probably responding to your BLOG as we have done. But..when you are about finished with a comment like the one I just wrote, or the one from yesterday and they disappear to etherland because you push the wrong D... key accidentally, you won't get it. However, you need to know they are thinking of you....Once when the comment is being created and five more times when they are trying to figure out WHAT HAPPENED! So the less comments you get, the more you are thought of. Stay safe schatse, Love,Grandpa V.

Tim G said...

I see your geting around. I have to aggree with Tiffany and ask you not to not get use to the spiders. sorry for not leving you meany comments.
Have Fun.