Friday, August 26, 2005


Hello! I had my frist day of school yesterday. I still don't know what grade I am in, but I should know by Wednesday next week. So.... I'm tagging along with Lisa, my host sister, to all of her classes. So far, I like school, but it's to early to tell about anything. I haven't really met very many people yet, but of course, I probably won't stay in most of Lisa's classes yet. So people aren't like Hi! right away. I have no idea about anything, so don't ask.

I just got back from town. Every time I go into town, I find something interesting to look at for an hour or two. Today I went into the church (Lutherin) and WOW. Its simple (compared to the catholic cathedrals), yet gorgeous. It must have once been a catholic church because it has an alter, painting on the walls, a huge organ, statues, and an impressive pulpit. There is a museum thing in the tour, but it wasn't open. Then it started to rain, so I spent almost an hour in a holographic museum. At first, I thought the almost 5 dollar admission price was a rip off, but by the time I left, I was impressed and now I have a completely different opinion about holograms. I always thought they were cheesey and a public money making scam. But some of these things can be a real peice of art and of high quality. They can even be used to present a 3d image of a sculture or other thing (especially if it is something that is valuable).

I went to the library too. I like reading the childrens books. There are some interesting things you can find.


Mom said...

What do you mean you have no idea about anything? Initial impressions? Smell, taste, looks, sounds, etc. Details!

Brian said...

Holograms? Cool! And those Lutherin churches are something, eh? I've seen pictures of them before. I'm sure you'll fit right in at the school. On that note, I start college in about a week! Fun!
Miss ya!

Dad said...

Cool - Have a great weekend, and fun next week at school.

I connected with the cousin's in Tuttlingen. They were excited and Sabine said you visit anytime.

Melinda said...

Becky, everything sounds really great. This trip seems like such an amazing opportunity. I miss you and hope to talk to you soon!

Grandpa V. said...

Becky, Tell me your new opinion about Holograms. Since they are "not nothings" what are they? Also, doyou remeber the doctor on one of the Star Trek series? He was a hugable hologram. Could you touch the ones you saw? I envy you seeing the holograms, whenever I am fortunate enough to see any (at an exhibit), I spend an hour trying to look behind them! Love, Grandpa V.