Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Hello everyone from ANTARCTICA! It is sooo cold and windy. Apparently the summers are not like this but right now it is in the 50's. I've had a cold but eventful day. I rode my new bike to Benserseil, about 3 miles north of here, which right on the sea (with the dikes of course) and then back on a canal path. There are tons of tourists here and bike paths. The paths are numerous and very much not user friendly. They twist and turn and are not well marked. This one that I have been trying to follow for 3 days took me on a roundabout tour to Esens and I ended up first at the sewer plant and then half way to Bensersiel. So that is why I decided to continue on to the coast. There is a weekly market in the town square (which is actually the church yard... but we are talking a brick town center\parklike setting) every Wednesday that I stumbled upon today in Esens and I bought my host mother some roses. And there is a fishmarket in Bensersiel every satuday and sunday too. There are so many festivals and markets that you could go to one everyday. The land is so flat here that they have a saying that says you can see who is coming to visit Thursday on Tuesday. I can even see the church tower from the dikes in Bensersiel. And the wind! You would not beleive the number of windmills. I saw a whole windmill farm today. It is impressive and awe inspiring. I took pictures... but we can't get my camera software to load on the computer. We have to troubleshoot and hopefuly I will be all set up soon.

My host sister, Lisa, from my next family spent a year in Texas and just got back about a month ago. This afternoon I went for ice cream with her and her older sister. Then I went with Lisa to her friends' house. East Frisian tea and all the customs are definately unique. They always use china and have a speical kind of sugar in it. And the german cakes (and ice cream) are amazing. Everything that I have had to eat is sooo good. I finally have my german text book now too... so now I can actually learn some german. I feel like I am starting to settle in. Hopefully if I keep biking every day, I won't gain any wieght.

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Mom said...

I love todays entry! It was full of details and you descibed things so well. Its fun to read about everything that you are experiencing!