Tuesday, August 02, 2005

day 2

It is wierd that when ever I open my blog, all the main pages on blogspot are in german. The keyboards are different too. But now I actually know what I am typing because at home I had the computer keyboard set to the german one, and all the keys were messed up! The keyboard is a little different here... but it's not that hard.

There are 3 children, Jan-ole is 13 and Wieke is 9. There is also another boy who is 11, but I have not really met him yet, he has been out. Today I tried eel. I didn't like it. Oh well. But I saw the mudflats and the dike and we went to talk to the baker today who was working at a local festival. I wanted to take a picture, but I forgot. He says that I can come visit him in the morning while he making bread, at 2 in the morning! So far, I had a red cabbage sourkraut, a venison dish (it tasted like the sauce and meat in beef strogonoff), brötchen (breakfast rolls), lots of cheeses, and a german noodle dish. Everything is going good so far. And the milk is in boxes! Yesterday I went with Wieke to the supermarket to get the milk and we stoped for icecream. The chocolate ice cream is much better here, but it is a darker chocolate... and i like dark chocolate.

Also, today I went to the bank... and now I have a german bank account. There are a lot of offices that I have to go to to get registered. We went to the rathouse (town hall) and tomorrow we go to the foriegn office. When I flew in, I didn't need to go through customs and I didn't even get a stamp in my passport. Apparently I will get it when I go to the foreign office.

My host family is very very nice. Here in ostfriesland, everything is cold and rainy but there are a lot of farms with corn, wheat, straw, cows, donkeys, sheep... I even met a camel today! It was living on the farm where my host mother keeps her horse. The town is really pretty and just like the typical german picture you always see with stone roads and pretty gabeled buildings. Everyone rides their bike or walks here too. It is schön toll! I'm having trouble learning any german. I was learning more at home with my text book than here. My host mother speaks english too readily, but its not all bad. It is making the adjustment easier. I just hope I know enough german before school starts.

I don't have any pictures yet, but I'll put them on my blog or on ringo when I get some. Bye!


Mom said...

I forgot to ask you in my e-mail --Is your host mother going to let you ride her horse?

David said...

Hey! sounds like you are adjusting well and getting to do and try lots of new things. that's awesome! yeah hopefully your next family will speak more german so you can learn it better. have fun! ttyl.

Lynn Agnello said...

Hi Becky,
It's Lynn Agnello and Ben. We laughed about your bike riding problems. Ben wants to know if the bikes are the kind he has seen on TV, with one real big wheel and the other one small? I am glad you arrived safe and sound. I have been thinking about you and your trip. I dreamed about you the other night. You were sewing something for an arts and crafts show. We will be reading your blog. Take Care and God Bless, Lynn

Linda Rosebrough said...

Hi Becky,
This is great to be able to hear about what you are doing. It sounds like everything is going well so far. Good luck with the German. Grandma suggested that maybe you could play games with the children and that would help you learn! We are looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures.
Aunt Linda

Grandpa said...

Hi Becky, just a quick note to try the system. Your MOM told me how to put comments on your blog. Whatever I did before must not work. Uncle Scott told me about his beginnings as a teacher, and how it was until he discovered the secret to enjoying it,and learning from it. Seems appropriate to share it with you. He discovered that the students were not guests in his world, but that HE was a guest in their world. When he discovered that, good things happened. So let your hosts share with you all the things that are important to them before you insist they do or take you where you want to go. If it works for you as it did for uncle scott, this is the beginning of a GREAT year. Auf weiderschaine mine shatzie.(hows my spelling?) Grandpa