Friday, August 12, 2005


I saw my first garden gnome today! It was little and bland (not very colorful). But sooooo very cute. And I discovered how to spell Schätze (''Shotsy''). (This is for you Grandpa V.!) It means treasure, but often translates to ''baby''.... in the sense that mothers say, ''oh, my baby (my precious, or my sweetheart)''.

I also had a Dönner today. It is a Turkish ''fast food'' that is popular in Germany. There is a substantial excercize based about Dönner's in my German textbook. I enjoy going into town and poking around and Ihave done so several times. I went to the bookstore for indexcards (Karteikarten) and then found a kid's activity workbook, one that was not as childish, but still with easy words. The Hedlef's havea lot of kid's books as well, and so I went through a whole box today. I have never been one to read comics before, but I find them VERY helpful too. I found a whole book about Micky Mouse and also the oldest boy, Jan-Ole has several ''Asterix and Obelix''... a popular French series (that I have heard about in French class and is apparently popular in the US).

Tomorrow (Friday) I will go to a party with my host sister from my next famiy, Lisa. Her friend is returning from Brazil. And then that night I am going to a Handball game with Enno (my host father). 'The world's best goalie' is going to be playing or something. This family is very active and they play a lot of games and sports together. I like it a lot. The CD player in my room doesn't seem to work well so occasionally I listen to the radio. But the radio plays more Enlgish songs than German ones! I've never listened to so much of my own music before (CD's).

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Mom said...

Dad and David come home tomorrow and I am very anxious for them to read all your entries since they have been away. Also, we got the postcard you sent to David in the mail yesterday. It was fun to talk to you on instant messenger yesterday. Love and miss you.