Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I am very saddened to learn about Katrina and the horrible damage it is causing. Only today was I able to watch the CNN (in english!!!) so that I could understand what is going on. My heart goes out to everyone affected!! I can't believe that over 80% of New Orleans is under water. That is astronomical. There are few cities in Europe that are of the same size, only a dozen or less, so it is difficult to explain to people the magnitude of the situation.

School is better. I have a schedule now, I think... I'm going to classes, but tomorrow I will get the final answer. I enjoy most of themmy classes, although school here is very different from american schools. School here is simply school, and nothing more. There is no school spirit, no after-school activities , no anything. It is difficult to honestly describe. I have much more freetime because school gets out earlier.

Yesterday I found a Jewish museum in town. That was interesting, and I even managed to have conversations with the guy who ran it... he was telling me more about the Jewish populations and impact of the Nazi regime on East Frisia. The Synagog in Esens is now a garage.

I also have a problem that everyone can help me with. I need pins, the kind that you can get at tourist places and gift shops, that are ''typical'' american. Anything will work, even if it is a company pin, like something for Wegmans. If it is a pin, and it is in America, and you have some around the house that you don't need/want, I will be more than happy to have them. I don't care if they are from NY, and organization you are in, Ohio, California, or even Toronto (I know, its not american, but i'll take it)!! I'm supposed to give everyone I meet a pin from America, and I didn't bring enough. If you have any, leave me a comment or send me an email, THANK YOU!!!


David said...

Hey, Well it sounds like things are settling in, with school and everything, hopefully you'll meet some more people and make lots of new friends in school! Let me know how ur new family is when you move on the 7th right? ttyl!

Grandma said...

It will be exciting to hear what your subjects are in school. I was hoping that there would be some clubs or activities like it said when we did the research about it. I will look for pins when we go to Alabama and Louisiana. We will by pass New Orleans and try to get to Jim's, closer to Texas.

Wanda said...

Hi Becky! Last week at Rotary we saw your pictures, tonight we passed around your post card. Glad to hear you are doing so well. It must really be fascinating talking to villagers. Jerry and I enjoyed that the most when we toured Europe for 6 weeks. I will spread the word about needing pins. Would you like some safety pins and beads to make US flag pins? Let me know. I will include all your addresses in the next Bugle so people can get in touch. The hurricane aftermath is horrendous and the government seems to be dragging it's feet as far as assistance. It is a very frightening place to be now....something resmebling the wild west. Keep the victims in your prayers. Have a wonderful time and I will try to write on a regular basis. CHEERS! ~wanda

Dad said...

Hi Becky:

Did you try the news web sites for ABC, CNN, etc.?

It is really devestating to see this on our own turf. It seems we were much quicker to respond to the Sunami, and what we can mobilize in Iraq, etc.

The BBC reports that we are more interested in funding NASA and the War than helping our own people!

I'll e-mail you about the new job - It's going well!

Doug said...

Hi Becky,

I will send you some pins shortly. Sorry that you did not have enough. I will let everyone know to send you some.

Your friend in Rotary

Doug Reed