Saturday, April 24, 2010

Page Updates! (Alex- black/white)

Page Updates! My blog may look a bit different to everyone. I was contemplating a different color scheme and having three columns, but in the end I didn't trust my Html skills enough to risk loosing all of my content (5 years worth, whoooo!).

I'm adding a few things instead and taking a few things out from the right hand column. I am a voracious blog reader, so I've listed my top favorites from the categories that my blog focuses on a bit further down on the right. I also want to give a heads up that within the next few weeks (or months) I will also be starting some light Gluten Free blogging. I haven't decided whether I should do that here, or revive my second blog (most likely the later).

So, I hope you enjoy the small changes. :-)

I also just discovered I can take pretty darn good pictures and video on my camera and send them online or email them from my phone. So expect some regular photography again like I used to!

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