Thursday, November 17, 2005


Not much is new around here. I've been reading Harry Potter in an attempt to fill space, from the first book to the last (in english). Last week I went Martini-laufen, which has nothing to do with Martini's but infact St. Martin... not sure of the connection... but!... kids go around to all the houses with lanterns and collect candy after singing a little song. It is not at all unlike our Halloween traditions. The older kids get Schopps instead of candy sometimes. Jacob (australia) and some of the guys made a point to bring along their shot glasses!

Yesterday I started my first Rotary sponsored German lessons, the ones I was supposed to have 3 months ago... fancy that! I also finaly got a schedule for school. I have been going to all of my host sister's classes. I start next week. However, today in politic's class we had a ''Congresswoman'' from the Bundestag (the German Parliment... which is called the Reichstag... which is the building I toured on my Germany Tour) come and talk to us.

And great news... the package that my dad sent me, over a month ago, has finnaly cleared customs. WHOOOO! I'll actually get some mail! Actually, I got my first christmas card in the mail today, from Grandma Straw (my step great grandmother!) It's the little things that brighten your day here. It also made me remember that I am to poor to send everyone christmas cards from abroad. So I will try and do something special on my blog.


David said...

Yay you got the package!!! We got your girlscout cookies here too, I ran out of thin mints and yours are looking rly good!! haha. I heard you were making a traditional thanksgiving over there too. That's so cool! Have fun making all that. C ya later!

Grandma Mastin said...

That is amazing that they made you wait so long at school for a schedule. Were they waiting to see how you understanding of German came along?