Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm trying to do my own celebrations here. My bio class decided to have a party, so I'm heading over to my bio teacher's house in an hour to start making a turkey. I've been organizing it for weeks. And finally here!

Meanwhile, I have been FREEZING! I realized yesterday while biking that even wearing 4 layers of clothes (including long underwear and sweatshirts) under my coat is not sufficent enough to keep me warm, even when I am exercizing and producing extra body heat as well! And the sad part is, is this cold will only get worse, as everyone has been telling me. What baffles me is how it can be so cold and there is no snow. cold = snow in my head. Not here. And its amazing that it can be so cold and not even be below freezing. I have now realized what my textbooks have told me all along about Russian winters and why the defeat of both Napoleon and Hitler were so complete... because this cold is not comparable to anything. Looking at a map tells me I'm at the same latitude as the Hudson bay and only about 10 degrees from the artic circle. And the wind currents come from the east, from none other than the renowned Siberian tundra. I can't imagine what it would be like any further north or east. God save their furnaces and fires from ever dying.

anyhow, happy turkey day!


Doug said...

Happy Thanksgiving Becky

I did not realize how cold it gets there. I did some research and you are correct on what stop Napoleon. We are cold here it is in the 20s with some snow. I hope your bio class party goes well.


David said...

Hey! Nice chattin with ya! Hope the cold doesn't kill you! haha, ttyl!

Grandma Mastin said...

Sounds like you need a down coat with hood instead of money for Christmas......ha! Decision: freeze or travel.