Monday, September 12, 2005


ahhh... this is the second time I have written this. Not much is new here. I am moving to the Hoyers today, that is Lisa's family. So everything is packed and I'm leaving soon. I'm not sure of the computer situation for the next few days.

This past weekend I went to a Roccoco Festival (Roccoco was a period after Classical, according to Diane) with Diane, Mario, and their host father. It was really fun and interesting. I even tried Piratentee (rum and black tee... it was tooo strong, so we all shared it.) It was funny seeing the costumes and the music and stuff. then we went back to their house for clams. They were tasty, and much better than the ones I had on my prom night.

I joined the local church choir and they sing a lot of classical, german stuff, and so far it is really fun. Rehersal is tonight, so i must go. i gotta move before I can go to practice. Tchüss.

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