Tuesday, September 13, 2005



I'm all moved. So far, i really like it here. I like Lisa's family. And they are much more easy going than the Hedlefs. At first I thought because they lived more out of town that it would be horrible, but its actually pretty cool. I'm one minute closer to school and there are tons of little towns only 2-3 miles away. I'm closer to the forest and today when I went biking I discovered a bog (moor) which this part of the country is well known for, and also a huge canal. I biked for 15 miles today! I ended up in this absolutely gorgeous and cute town called Dunum and it had a little church in the middle that was built in the 1200's! It is the coolest thing ever. the town didn't have as many stores and shops as one would expect from it's size (even small villages have somewhat of a shopping center in the middle), but it was absolutely idylic. Hopefully because I'm not stuck so much in town, I can get out biking more in the forest, or to the coast, or inland further. Almost everything is withing 20 Kilometers (about 15 miles). I wouldn't be surprised if the entire penisula is 60 Kilometers wide. I'm not exactly sure on that, so don't quote me!

I got my own little bedroom here upstairs, and my bathroom (unfortunately) is downstairs. There are no little kids here screaming all day and there is a two cow fields next door. The only thing is that it is a little bit remote. But with Lisa here and with my bike, I don't think it is a problem to get out. I really like my Chorus that i'm singing it. (My next host parents are both in it, so that is cool too... I really like them too... but they live even more out in the middle of nowhere than here! But they are very cultural people, so that is going to be cool!) The Hoyers dont have a piano, so at the moment, I have no idea how I'm gunna practice. I'm not THAT good at occapella.


Anonymous said...

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Mom said...

Don't forget to give me your new address and phone number.
Love, Mom

David said...

Sounds like your new place will be fun with all the biking and everything! Have fun!

David said...

Hey What's up!