Thursday, September 15, 2005


It seems that no one ever reads this because no one ever posts comments. So I thought that I would try to get some pictures up so that people would become interested again.

So... I know that I can upload pictures here from the Hoyers, and I finally got all the everything working... but it takes forever! (Modems) What do you think of the cows I found... MOOOOOO. hehe

I updated two other posts with pictures too, below...

Sometime next week I can put up pics of the wattenmeer and of a Rotary picnic in Bremen that we are going to have tomorrow. It has been raining for 2 days straight, so hopefully we wont get rained out.


David said...

I love cows!!! haha (a lot fo ppl do read ur blog they just don't post anything)

Grandpa. said...

Is that MOVED or MOOOOOED?? Grandpa Volzer

Me said...

Becky, I think I figured out why you are not getting comments. If you click on the envelope, you get an e-mail page to work with. If they don't know your e-mail address offhand, they won't send a comment. If you click on the date,you get to the right place to post a comment,but if they don't scroll down after making the smart... comment, they won't see the secret code that is used to SEND it!!

Doug said...

Hey Becky,

Your pictures look like you seeing alot. I print them and show our rotary members. We just got odwnwith our big fund raiser. The auction netted us 2600.00 we are sending 10% to a rotary club in Missippi to help with the disaster from katrina. I hope things are still going good and we are thinking of you here. I will drop a line again soon.
Your Rotary Friend
Doug Reed