Sunday, September 25, 2005

Biking 2

I took a bike ride the other day. This is the ''Wanderweg'' (wandering path) of which I spent 13 km on. Not all of it was beautifully tree lined... other parts were cow lined. Litterally, there is so many cow (and horse) pastures here that i am convinced that there are more cows here than NY. Plus, the cows are allowed to actually eat the grass! The second picture is of the typical canals that are all over, between many of the feilds.


Lynn Agnello said...

Hi Becky,
I am enjoying your posting. I am happy you have so many cows to look at. I grew up on a farm and like cows. Not everyone has had a circus in their front yard, Ben says that is pretty lucky. You have some beautiful countryside to bike in. You will be so physically fit when you come back home you can do a marathon.
I hope your time at school gets more exciting. Is the elementary school connected to the high school? Maybe you could be an aide in the kindergarten class? or playground monitor? Can you say "play nice" in German? Maybe you could help with art class?
A friend of ours has started his own art school. He taught in the public school system near Boston and decided he would rather teach what he wants. { I hope you find more friends with common interests. Don't become a bar fly (someone who spends way too much time at a bar)! No smoking!!!!!!
Do they celebrate Halloween in Germany?? Bye for now. Lynn

David said...

Hey, I got your e-mail, that was rly nice, a little inspirational e-mial never fails to brighten your day, especially that one. Well Ihope your still having lots of fun, hang in there! I'm thinking of all the time! luv ya! ttyl!

Grandpa V. said...

Where has your "wanderweg" taken you this past week??? Grandpa V.