Monday, July 18, 2005


I have a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam because flights to Bremen only fly in the afternoons. This afternoon while panicing over my digital camera (will it work right? over there... I can hardly get it to work in the US) I realized that Amsterdam is in the Netherlands, and they don't speak German or French or English (I'm sure they do speak english... but not the signs?!?!). So now what. If I had my layover in Paris (which is shorter), at least I could read the signs. But I don't know any Dutch! I know Deutsch, a little. So now what? Its a good thing that I am there for 5 hours, it'll take me that long to figure it all out. I only wish my phone plan (and card) would work right. Then at least I could call home. And because my flight plans got messed up, I'm flying alone. Ok, so it just hit me right now... i'm sooo @&*$. Why am I going to Germany again?

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