Friday, April 27, 2012


"When you witness a miracle, it is hard to not have hope, even in the face of senseless violence. Be humble to the power of love, mercy, and grace in the wake of hope. Do not let fear and guilt and sorrow prevent you from walking the path of enlightenment. The power of the heart is the greatest force on earth, but only if you let it be."

"the tears, guilt, and fear in our life remind us how much we care."

Neighbor just went through the window. For a minute, i didnt know if i was going to find a dead body outside my door.

I simply just can't live here anymore. It's time to move on!  They were fighting again. I hope this results in their drunk asses finally getting evicted.  Seriously... im on the phone with the police or landlord just about once every 6 months about something major..

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