Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Seven Stages of Healing (alex)

We've all heard of the stages of healing. It varies some from model to model.

Stage 1- Denial
Stage 2- Pain & guilt
Stage 3- Anger & Bargaining
Stage 4- Depression
Stage 5- Acceptance
Stage 6- Rebirth
Stage 7- Creating New Life

Learning to be healer, the first order of business is learning to heal myself. Boy, do I have a lot of healing to do. Its been 3 1/2 years now since I made the commitment to live for myself and heal myself. I'm still working through some major issues, but fortunately, I know what most of my issues are now. Things are coming together. I'm not in denial anymore.

What am I working on right now and where am I right now?

Loss of my childhood and sanity from trauma (Stage 3)
Loss of 22 years living as a male (Stage 2)
Loss of my family that won't accept me for who I am (Stage 4)
Loss of my health from a damn tick bite (Stage 1)
Loss of my significant relationship last year (Stage 4)
Loss of my freedom (Stage 5)
Loss of security (Stage 6)
Loss of my dreams (Stage 7)
Loss of my education (Stage 7)
Loss of my diet (Stage 6)

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