Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am

I am intuitive
I am judging
I am introverted
I am compassionate
I am a thinker
I am a fighter
I am a defender
I am a healer
I am a servant
I am a leader
I am neither male nor female, yet I am both
I seek truth
I seek justice
I abhor self-righteousness and megalomania
I respect the higher being in all of us
I honor the humanity in us all
I speak
I sing
I hear
I feel
I see

Food is my sustenance
Water is my comfort
Music is my passion
Color is my experience
Knowledge is fountain
Wisdom is a gift

My body is my shell
My soul is my connection
My mind is my vehicle
My gender is my filter
My higher self is my guide

1 comment:

Jasmine said...

This makes me smile, thank you.