Saturday, March 13, 2010

I love to cook! (Vicki- Red)

Another thing that is therapeutic for me, other than writing/blogging.... is cooking, and all food related activities including talking about food. (on a side note... I'm also obsessed with sound therapy and aromatherapy and am starting school in 2 weeks for massage therapy! I wouldn't mind learning more about art therapy either)

I've been neglecting my cookbook lately. I follow 150 gluten free blogs, have piles of cookbooks, and many friends from distant places. Being unemployed has forced me to learn how to live on a food budget that is reduced 75%. Honestly though, its been good for me. And my recipes have gotten tastier and reliable. The book is starting to take shape and show signs of personality. My goal is to let my cookbook guide itself into cohesion. So far, its been a profitable path.

This evening I perused 650 blog entries that I have neglected since valentines day. Found some interesting new facts, a new bar in Hillcrest serving gf beer, some novelty recipes (like goldfish crackers and dairy-free and soy-free sour cream), some new products to keep an eye out for in the grocery store, and a few recipes I want to try out.

I am thankful everyday that I love to cook (now baking is a whole different story and not exactly my idea of fun). I cannot imagine how I would live if I didn't, considering all of my food sensitivities and the Celiac disease. I have to be a devil in avoiding gluten, dairy, and soy. I'm so sensitive that even soy or gluten in the air will make me sick. Me being sick from gluten not only triggers a bi-polar episode (often more than 2) but renders me physically and mentally "injured" for weeks. But, I am very very careful AND I love to cook.... so in many cases, my disability is my blessing. Now if only I could say that for the bi-polar.....

one last note about something that just dawned on me. I love to talk. Often I love to talk about the same things, because they are what fascinate me. Or I like to talk about what I'm theorizing about. Writing/blogging many of these thoughts could be a significant part of me setting up healthy boundaries. I have spent so much of the last few months learning about healthy boundaries that I'm surprised that I didn't think about this before.

give me a moment here..... this is a revolutionary thought for my brain stuck in a box. I need to make sure I remember this when life gets much more complicated and I'm not at home all day.

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