Monday, July 10, 2006


It's Schützenfest time! And, we'll be seeing each other in a matter of 3 days, you could almost do an hourly countdown. whooo, hoooo! Everyone all year tells me the best (and only worthwhile) thing to do in Esens is Schützenfest, which is currently residing on in the middle of town.... a rather giant (for the town) carnival, with ferris wheel and parades everyday included. Es geht am Freitag los, (everything starts on friday) and runs until Tuesday night with fireworks and, probably another parade. I only saw the torch parade and a bit of the marching bands on friday. Yesterday and today I missed them because I slept in too late after being up till/past the break of dawn (reminder: dawn is a lot earlier here). Everyday has been something new, and with the whole town turned out, its quiet an amazing opportunity to see everyone before I go, even the people that I haven't managed to see again since the beginning of the year. Quite fun! Last night, i met up with some Americans from Nebraska. One of them was an exchange student last year in Brazil with a girl here in my town.

Right now, we are waiting for some friends of my host mother from Budapest. They are passing through on the way to Amersterdam. I'm amazingly excited to come home, yet I know I am going to miss it here in Germany like crazy. Just not speaking German will be tough. Remember when I was struggling so hard to learn it? I believe now, I'm in a state of not fully knowing german and I am incapable of speaking fluent english. I'll just have to speak Denglish for the rest of my life. YAY!

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Grandma M. said...

I can almost see the festival! That is great to connect with so many friends. Enjoy! See you Thursday.....