Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Auf Wiedersehen

I'm sitting at the end of my last day here in Germany. It is midnight here and there is only 3 hours, before I need to be on my way to the airport. The last week has been one of the best of my entire year here in Esens. Almost everynight I partied at Schützenfest and got to say goodbye to everyone I met the whole year. I ran into 2 Americans that were here visiting a friend, and got somewhat of an ''introduction'' what it will be like to be home again. My Cultural Readjustment. Yesterday and today I have been working at the archeological dig project of the castle that once exsited in Esens. That has been absolutely amazing.

So, what should I say? A year ago, several hours before I left home, I posted a blog. I was nervous about what the future would hold for me but excited that I would learn something new. I knew that my life would be changed forever. I also wondered what I would feel like at the very moment I am at right now. I can honestly say, that those feelings haven't changed.

Saying goodbye then, I reflected that goodbyes are good. Otherwise they wouldn't be call ''good''-byes... Today, I can reflect another step further. Not every language says goodbye the same way. German express ''Until we meet again''. Auf Wiedersehen.

When I said goodbye and Auf Wiedersehen to my family and friends last summer, I never let the tears flow. I wanted to be a strong and brave girl. Today, as I type, my tears fall on the keyboard, as a scared and grown up woman.

Danke Deutschland für alle die schöne Erfahrungen. Ich würde dich NIE vorgessen. Du bleibst immer noch in eine besondere Stellung in meinem Herz.

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