Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm home!

IIIIII"MMMMM HOME! It's strange and exciting and new. The weather is in the 90's (low 30's!) and humid, but fun. I've missed heat! But admitingly, not this much! My english skills are coming back, although I continue to start thinking and speaking in german without realizing it. And the keyboards are different here, so it is taking me forever to write this because I have to find all the keys again!

So far, coming home has been smooth. Honestly, I feel as though I am in a little bit of a western cowboy movie, or I have gone back to some sort of colonial america, because all of the store fronts have high wooden, flat edifices, the streets are wide and the hills roll on forever. Even the forests seem "wild". But, this is home, and that is the way I like it.

I have been very busy. When I got home, lots of my friends and family met me at the airport and we went out to Pizza Hut. 5 pieces of unbeatable AMERICAN pizza later, we drove home. Since then, we have been to Wegmans (the international supermarket) twice and have been planning "tea time" with as many people as possible for an excuse to bake german cakes! Not much is new, besides just settling back in. My dog is finally not mad at me anymore (he ignored me for almost 3 days! as retaliation for me leaving me). At least now I have a bit of a summer vacation to do my summer project. My dad redesigned my room, so I gotta move in as well.

So, I'm home safe and sound. Thank you everyone for reading my blog! I intend on keeping up on blogging, so you all can keep in touch. Readjusting should make for some interesting comments! Its already weird what kind of things I pick up on as different. For example, I notice accents a lot more than I used to. We will see how things go! 5 more weeks until college!

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grandpa V. said...

Here is a happy thought......try looking at this trip to America from your tourist eyes instead of as a (kid)coming home.It would make for an extremely interesting Blog. Why not give it a try for a few weeks. Bet nobody has tried this before !!!!!!! Grandpa V.