Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Until next time

Hey everybody! I'm so excited for tomorrow morning. And the sun is shining here and the grass is green. Very green... but still not ''glow in the dark'' green like it was last August.

Sunday, Easter, was fairly uneventful. I got most of my stuff unpacked from last week and I had a big breakfast. I even ate an easter egg (although everyone else had 5 or 6... I don't like eggs). My host mom is all happy that there is a reason to buy new types of cheese and things to try... so much so that today at the table we had over 10 types of cheese and 6 or so types of meat and wurst and caviars in tubes. Sunday night I talked with some friends on the phone and my whole family. I also saw most of Braveheart (in German, of course!).

Yesterday, Monday, I went to Neuharlingersiel (one of the the harbor/ports on the coast) and went to the Buddelschiff Museum (Bottled Ships). There were some really awsome models inside wine bottles. Some of the bottles themselves were impressive. Then we took a shopt stoll on the coast. I was surprised to see so much water. It was the first time I have see the sea at high tide... normally it is gone and only the mud-flats with big puddles are there. Then, I went for a bike ride and later watched the relatively new German version of the 7 Dwarves.

Today I have been scrambling about trying to get everything I need for my Europe Tour and things for cheese. In Bavaria I got a chance to make cheese and we got a recipe, so we are going to try and make cheese today. We had to go to the Apotheke (the drug store... but a little different) and get something called Lab, which is a microbe that you make cheese and jogourt with. We will see how that goes. It needs to sit for at least a week or two, so then we can try it when I get back!

Wish me luck on my trip!!! WHEEEEEEE!


David said...

You gotta bring that recip[e home so we can make our own cheese here! That would be awesome, well i'm sure you'll have an amazing time on your trip around europe, mom put on each day of your calender where in europe you are haha. talk to ya when you get back!

Grandpa V. said...

Since you are having such fun with cheese,have you shown them how to make fondue in a bread shell and dip the bread pieces in it?