Friday, April 07, 2006

it's like living out of a suitcase

It has been a busy and stressful week! I've been trying to pack and unpack all my stuff so that I can move to Laura's house. School is out this week so at least I had lots of time! Getting to know the family and talking everything is lots of work!

I have now moved back to Esens and it is only 5 minutes with the bike into the center of the ''city''. It takes about 15 minutes by bike to get to school (the school is on the other edge of town, right next to where I used to live by the Hedlefs and Hoyers)

Wednesday I spent the day at Björn's house... we made pancakes for brunch and then took a bike ride around Esens. Laura left for Hanover on Wednesday to visit her boyfriend.

Sunday I start my whirl-wind tour of Europe. Next week I am touring around to see the highlights of northern Bavaria. Then I will be home for Easter weekend before I start my Europa Tour on the 19th (the wednesday after Easter). I'll be finally home on the 6th of May (after almost 3 weeks), here in Esens for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks in Baden-Württenburg and southern Bavaria bringing me up to the 6th of June (my birthday!). Wow!

My new address is..

c/o Familie xxx
Hartwarder Str. 34
26427 Esens

... and my telephone number is 011-49-4971-5515

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Grandma M. said...

It will be hard to wait for your return from the Euro tour to catch up on your adventure. Hope all goes well and you have a wonderful time. Thanks for your new address and phone number.