Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring time rain

Spring has finally come! And with it the rain. A little depressing, but the sping flowers here are georgeous... bold yellows, purples, blues, and whites.

Easter Break started for me today and goes until the 18th. A lot of things are coming up, so I'm getting excited. I've got Rotary trips (to Bavaria and a European Tour) and oportunities to see lots of old friends and make new ones!

Then, a really cool opportunity came up this week. My friend Laura (see previous blog) invited me to move in with her and her family. We get along really great and since her mom is ''Auslander'' (a foreigner) as well, they are really supportive and funny when it comes to living in a different country. They understand. Laura's mom thinks that it would be fun.

In a normal exchange year with Rotary, there is one finnal switch to a host family around Easter and since I don't have an official new host family (I was scheduled to stay with the Groppe's till July) Rotary decided that it would be ok. It looks like I will be moving anytime this week. YEAH!

I'm looking forward to a little peace this week. I'm going to try and visit some of my friends this week. Björn and I are going to meet and make pancakes and I might get to hang out at another friends house and learn how to milk the cows and muck the stalls. My baseball team is sorta stalled at the moment, but we plan on getting it back up on it's feet after break.

After 8 months here and so much struggle I feel that I have really started to fit in. Sometimes I even forget how to speak English or don't even realize I'm speaking German. It's really amazing and I have so much more coming up. Easter is soon and I'm traveling almost the whole time between now and my birthday (June 6th) and my grandparents are coming to visit me at the end of May! And then, I have two months and I come home. I'm flying home the 26th of July. I can't wait to see you all!

I'm on the home stretch here and it looks like nothing but fun (cross your fingers!).

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Grandpa Volzer said...

Springtime rain? Here in Ohio we thought that spring started last week. But we were wrong--there is smow on the ground this morning. Grandpa V.