Friday, February 04, 2005


My dad is making me watch Roots so that I understand that the Germans were not the only ones to have committed mass murder and cruelties. It's an odd documentary because the acting and sets don't quite seem right... they are very much "modern" 70's versions. I'm to stay home for another four days and unfortunatly I won't get much done cuz I have to watch this movie... its 6 tapes long! UGH. But, I also rented Run Lola Run, which I found in the foreign films section. The video store has a whole section of foreign films... in other languages. wooo whooo! The funny part is that it is easier to find dubbed english VHS than duel language dvd's because the dvd's don't label the language selections half the time.

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I was looking at my own bio and clicked on Lima. I was surprised to see 3 other people in Lima w/ blogger blogs!

I just read a couple of your posts. Have a fun and safe trip to Europe. My family is from Germany originally as well (125 years) ago, from a place called Burgstadt in the Black Forest region. My dad also did a bunch of geneology work in recent years.

Here's my blog:

We live (wife and 3 small kids) in the village.

Have a safe trip,

Christopher Meisenzahl