Friday, February 11, 2005


The 2006 winter olympics will be held in Italy. Do you think I will get a chance to go to the Olympics!? It is certainly a possibility. I watched the greatest movie today... Run Lola Run. It is like a muture amature movie. The entire movie is about Lola runing from her appartment to meet her boyfriend in a telephone booth in 20 minutes. In that period of time, she needs to obtain 100,000 marks. The situation is played out three times, each a little differently. Deffinatly one of my new favorite movies, hehe, although it is a lil violent at times. I watched a special on Berlin today and also another special on Aucshwitz. Tim finnished up Mein Kampf and claims that Hitler writes with even more hatred and zeal later in the book. I can't believe that with all the time spent in class learning about this stuff that it never really phased me.... I was actually board of it! I can't even comprehend it. And I know I won't be sleeping well tonite either. I don't think I could stomach visiting a concentration camp anymore.

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