Thursday, July 14, 2011

Please just make it all stop.


- Unemployment $ ran out last week.
- Roommate moves out Friday and can't find a new one.
- I'm on call from two massage clinics 4 days a week.... but am lucky to get 1 client from them each week.
- I've been marketing my own business for 6 weeks and have been doing chair massage every weekend, and have yet to get a client.
- Two of my classes at school are giving me panic attacks and/or making me cry every time.
- I've become severely allergic to massage oil making when I DO work on clients a terrible experience each time.
- I've become allergic to rice which is one of only 4 foods I was tolerating.

I'm becoming very sick trying to deal with all of this.

Please just make it stop.

I'm normally really good at finding the silver lining and focusing on what I CAN change and control. But I've run into a wall and don't have much I can change or control. Help me. Someone. Please.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, can't say much (well anything) to help but it sounds very bad for you. Found this blog from you linking it on For what its worth (not much i'm sure), hugs.