Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm going NUTS! O_o

I'm going nuts. I'm really struggling to hold it all together. I launched my business last week (officially!) and not only did I open a business account at the bank, but had to get a new personal account too (I lost my checkbook) and thus all of my accounts have been frozen for a week. I'm also in transition to my next extension on unemployment, so my financial state is in shambles! To complicate matters, I have a $900 tuition payment due at the end of this week and I submitted an application for a new apartment today which will mean I have to come up with a deposit and an extra half month's rent by Friday as well. Unemployment runs out in 4 weeks, and so I need to find a job (or 3) to supplement my income until my business is self-sustaining. Plus, I need to find a new roommate before the end of the month. Marketing for the business is not going so well and I've been trying to do all of my financial forecasts (profit & loss statements, balance sheets, start-up cost worksheets, cash-flow forecasts, ect) to finish up my business plan presentation, which I finally present (after 7 months of work!) tomorrow morning! I have two additional final exams this week as well. The new quarter starts next week and I am going to be at school full time (instead of half time like I have been). Plus, I need to somehow keep my health intact, sleep, and dig through the 8 books from the library that I have been putting off because of my business plan and are due in 2 weeks. HOLY CRAP! I'm going nuts! O_o

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