Friday, May 21, 2010

more trigenders out there?! (Vickie- black)

Ok... I still don't like my trauma therapist, but I'm enjoying the program more and more.

I don't have much to say now. But I did want to mention a small bit of unbelievable news.

My therapist is trigender. omygod.

She is biologically female. Has a male and female side, as well as a "neutral" side that she describes as the "universal presence". She feels that she is "playing the part" of a female most days and has decidedly felt male at times too, but resides mostly in the "universal presence" space.

"Universal presence" or space is a great way to describe it! That is in a way, how I feel about my third gender as well. She doesn't seem to feel the need to match her body to her genders. As time goes on, I am meeting more and more people who feel that way too. Few people with multiple genders seem to feel that need to match their bodies to their genders. They find a way to accept the body they are born in. I totally respect that.

Its just not for me.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome sounding therapist, lucky! Mind packing her up in a box and sending it to me? I think I could really use her...

My "universal presence" is more like a "neither switch flipped to on", but I feel more like that most of the time than either male or female. But I'm not as comfortable with my current body parts as your therapist is, I wish I could be. To me, the form and function is clearly wrong, even if the mental gender is often undifferentiated.