Saturday, February 02, 2008


I don't know if there is anyone out there still reading this, but I've decided to start writing again. I'll also be starting a second blog, based on my health issues. There is a link on the right hand side under "links". I have updated the template of my blog and many of the settings. And don't worry, all the old posts from Europe are still there!

I'm now in San Diego. In October I finally reached a point where I could not go on with school, and so I dropped out on medical leave. My father moved to San Diego over the past summer, so I decided to move here. It was a move based on the health care opportunities and quality of living (or potential thereof) of Southern California. Since my last post, my academic adviser, my mentor, and (arguably) my hero, Dr. Edmiston, managed to pull some strings and keep me at Wooster. I worked for him the whole summer and now this month I shall be published as a co-author for the work that I did for him. So exciting! It has been devastating to leave Wooster and all that I had grown to love there. I struggled so much to readjust to American life. But now here I am, far away again.

I apologize for not writing. At first the reason, I truly believed, was that no one cared. Then, as my health issues became overwhelming over a year ago, it was much too difficult to write and keep up. Finally, the past year my family has gone through so much upheaval that I have been afraid to write, in fears that what I write may be used in court against me. But life goes on, and we struggle. To this day, I believe that one should never burn bridges, the very reason I named my blog so. But I have also learned that some bridges need to be burned and new ones built. So, I am building a new bridge with this blog. welcome back to my blog!

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Dorota said...

Becky, ich hab dein Blog gelesen. Nicht alles, weil du ganz viel von letzten Jahren geschrieben hast, aber die neusten Posten ueber deine Krankheit und ein Paar Posts von diesen Teil. Ich hab natuerlich nicht alles verstanden, aber schon ganz viel :) Ich wollte einfach sagen, dass ich dich lieb habe und dass du immer noch schreiben sollst. Ich werde es ab und zu lesen (mit Woerterbuch, glaube ich:). Jetzt muss ich aber noch alles nachholen, weil ich gar nicht wusste, dass du sowas fuer Blog hast :) Mach's gut, Schatzi. Ich druecke dir daumen, damit du endlich gesunder bist :D