Monday, April 30, 2007


so.... exams are coming up. Only a week left of school, then exam week. Then I leave Wooster. :( I totally can't sleep right now. Its 3 am. I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to everyone, yet I'm excited about doing research for 10 weeks.

Here at Wooster I have met lots of people, especially interesting ones from all over the world. Yet, I don't feel as if I have learned as much as I did in Germany. Sure.... textbook smarts, and a bit about myself actually living on my own this time... but the excitement of exploration and curiosity and appreciation of life's little things that Europe treasures so much is missing here. I hope to move to a bigger city soon where more people are. I have become frustrated with the United States and it's small town life.

One bit of good news... I'm getting a car next week!!! It should be lots of fun. Life sure is full of surprises!

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