Thursday, November 30, 2006

After Thanksgiving

Thankgiving is come and gone. I'm now back at school. Things are tons better now that the Lyme Disease is slowly going away. But I guess this is going to be affecting me for at least another month of two.

There is only next week and then exam week and then my first semester is over! Tests already are starting this week. There is never enough time for anything. I hope next semester will be better with me better and all... *knock on wood*.

Not much is new. I'm back to working again. I spent Thanksgiving in Columbus. I'm slowly getting my life back. .... a pretty sorry update.


Grandma M. said...

Becky, good luck on your finals. We are proud of you and know that you can give your all for two more weeks. We are counting the days until you are home..something like 15 or 16!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky, how about another chapter------like "after christmas" or "after new years" befor the one "back to school" ??