Friday, May 19, 2006

on the road again

I have to apologize for not writing this week despite being home. But I have a good excuse... I have been happily and busily reading away... in german! I've read a whole book (over 300 pages!) and I can read almost any article in a magazine or newspaper now. I am very happy! It certainly makes life a lot easier now that I can take in more than just the spoken word. Hehehe!

Not much of anything is new. I feel like a walking zombie after so much on the go, and laying around reading has not helped me rest, rather just made me lazy. Reality is starting to set in on me that I have to return to the States eventually, especially since I have been bombarded with college forms and things.

Tomorrow is our district conference and I get to meet with all the exchange students for the day. Then on Sunday I am catching the train down to Stutgartt (at last!!) to see Denis Rudisch (the german exchange student at HFL last year) and then meet up with my grandparents. I'm so excited!!!


Anonymous said...

Becky, I am HAPPY to know that you read german now. That means you can translate all the directions on my LGB trains. I have been waiting since 1972 to find out how they are supposed to work! Love, Grandpa Volzer

Anonymous said...

Well done, very great, so you can listen to more of my poems and story for you.

Miss you Becky