Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ein Paar Fotos!

Hello everyone! Here are a few pictures from my first week on the EuroTour! We were in Venice on our 7th day and we found a lot of mask shops for Mardi Gras... so in one of the shops, the guy let us try them on! The canals and small alleys in Venice are really neat... but this picture is of the Grande Canale... the main water way through the city! In the Alps we saw lots of beautiful sights... and the glacier on the topof and inbetween the mountians made the sceanery even more fascinating. In Florence we saw the sunset over the river which made the lighting really awsome for picture taking. In Strasbourg the flowering trees and bridges were a typical sight, but very pretty nontheless. Dan (from Illinois... my eurobuddy cuz he let me drag him along to everything that no one else would go to) and Keith (USA) with a girl from Australia in the background are in the last picture.


Grandma M. said...

Becky, I love seeing pictures of what you have seen. Venice is so special and unique...never changes! Waiting for more....Thanks, too, for your call.

David said...

Cool pictures!

Mom and Dad said...

Hello from the Bahamas! We are using a computer at the condo. We are having a great time. We just returned from horseback riding on the beach! Happy Birthday to me!
Miss you and love you.
Mom and Dad