Sunday, January 22, 2006


whoooo... i love this computer, it is almost to fast for me. I am so used to the computer being slower that i can make lots of mistakes and the computer doesn't even notice. I gotta be careful now! Anyhow... the whole pictures on camera to computer to internet connection is finally easy, fast, and fun again! Here are a couple, one of my laterne (paper lantern) that I got for chistmas. They are the coolest things ever. The other is of Chelsa and Sam, the two short term South African exchange students that were here for 6 weeks. And the third one is of Ebbe (like ibb-uh)and Clemens, my host dad in the kitchen.


David said...

Cool star lantern thing!!!

Dad said...

Hey Becky:

Glad to hear you a settling in there. Looks great from the photos on Ringo too.

Thanks for the update, and I see your return flight is now booked for July 26th.

OK, have fun in France! - Miss Ya'