Monday, January 09, 2006

back home

hello everyone. I am finally back home after touring Göttingen which is an absolutely beautiful city. All the old buildings are still standing because there was surprisingly very little damage during the second world war. And there is a very large university there which I got a chance to look at. The University specializes in medicine, so that definately interested me. After a few days, I traveled further to Bielefeld again and visited Maria and some other exchange students I met last time I visited. That was fun to have a change in pace and just hang out with friends instead of visiting museums and churches (which I found very interesting). I even saw a candy cane painted church from the 14th century! ...(the inside is all painted in bright candy colors and the columns and parts of the walls are painted in optical illusions.)

This week is so stressful. Diana, Jacob, and the 2 short term exchange students here in Esens all fly home this week. I also have to schedule my flight home as well and start confirming plans for several trips that are planed for my second half of the year. I'm traveling to France at the end of January for a few days to visit Trevor Kellogg who is on exchange there as well with Rotary. Then two days after Easter I am going on a 17 day Europa Tour... France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and a small part of Germany (Dresden). After a week of recovery, I will then be heading to Stuttgart to visit Denis Rudisch, the german exchange student at HFL last year for a week and then meet up with my grandparents and their good friends and travel to the Alps and Munich (hopefully) before heading back to East Frisia with my grandparents for a few days. All that is a 17 day Southern Germany tour plus a few days here in Ostfriesland being a tourist instead of a townie! Its all so stressful to schedule everything and get permission from all the different parties and etc. But I am so excited.

Today I have been saying goodbye to all the exchange students and tomorrow I am going to Bremen to see Diana off at the airport. My head is spinning.


David said...

Hey, Wow you got some really vool things coming up, but you gotta take it easy with all the on the spot train rides to different places every week. It sucks up all the money you need for your big tour of Europe, haha. ttyl!

Grandma M. said...

It sounds really official now that it is in your BLOG! How fast the time is going. You will have friends all over the world to visit again someday.