Monday, April 04, 2005

so much about germany comes up these days I don't even remember to remember them to type about them. I discovered that one of the Rotex members, Anthony, that I met at the interview weekend, lived in the Bremen area, so i'm really excited about that. I have no energy to do anything school related. I'm so tired of being tired. It sux. The musical went amazing. And it is so sad that it is over. But at the same time, its like, omg, i'm done with the only thing that really mattered in my senior year (except cougar creations, finalizing my college choice which is probably wooster, and the virginia beach trip which are all this month) so its like, omg... its all down hill from here. I'm already making mental notes of wut to learn, to do, to see, to take pictures of... even wut to pack. I have to sort thru all my stuff and make 4 piles... germany, college, trash, and keep at home (until i have my own place and i'm married, omg). 4 and a half months. I have to learn the language. My goal is to have a conversation in german with denis b4 i leave. He leaves for home a month b4 I leave. I can't believe I will go, it like all hit me really, fully, today. I must get some sleep. The end of the marking period is friday, I miss school on thrusday to set up my cougar creations board, and I pretty much couldn't care. AP's aren't looking to promising.

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