Thursday, April 14, 2005

the latest.... i've been busy

ok, so i need to get the picture viewer thingy up, and get my computer to stop switching to german randomly (especially the keyboard, omg... i type y's and they do z's and the dash is a ß, and aaaaahhhhhh) , and it's so sad that the musical is over, it was hotter than hot... and my paper plate award was "I heart germany"... because I apparently"love the man and the county", wut an embarresment. This upcoming weekend is our Rotary district conference and it should be tons of fun. But that means i miss all the earth day celebrations tomorrow, *tear*. I need to learn german. More german, faster, faster, faster! Oh... and I am officially going to the college of Wooster in ohio when i get home. I am so excited. In the middle of amish country. Yeah!

I helped sell candy for the foreign exhange club... and that was really fun. French and spanish candy. Denis sold all the german chocolate. Lost of stuff to do this week... thank god i don't have to babysit. I just have to do half of my art AP protfolio and learn german, and fill out some scholarships with some "personal essays"... doesn't that sound sweet?

Last weekend we had cougar creations. It was awsome. I have been looking forward to it for many many years, because I could have a senior board! Oh yea, an entire board with my name and my stuff. I had the best stuff and the most desturbing. hehehe. I think it is the skeleton theme. random bones and body parts scare people. but today i desected an owl pellet with the girls (babysitting) and found lots of deer bones too. Mrs. Agar gave me some skeletal remains too. I even got to borrow TWO Mr. Skeletons from the art department. 'cept dad broke one, so I go to fix it.

I feel really bad that I am sorta phasing out of the youth bureau. I mean, I love it and it has been one of the most influential things to happen to me... but I am starting to feel like it is hopeless. Kids just don't care. I feel like I'm growing out of the group. I don't fit in anymore. I have been so busy, and still so tired, that its hard to keep up with anything anymore. and now that I can, the school year is almost over, and I'm leaving. Its sad and really depressing. Maybe I just need to hang out with my EDIFY groupies sum more... it'll fix me. I had a blast with Donny last saturday (not that kind... it was like old times, chatting).

So I guess it is ta ta for now. Auf Wiedersehen.

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