Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Lyme Disease (Alex-Blue)

The king of viral infections of HIV/AIDS.

The king of body malfunctions is Cancer.

The king of bacterial infections.... Lyme Disease. Actually, its probably a Queen. But does it matter?

Tests came back positive today. I'm being put on a tincture of Venus Fly Trap. (Its illegal to import because it can cure cancer, just like RIFE machines.) There are few options for me right now. Goal: strengthen immune system. Support liver. Detox body. Hope for the best.


Orvis said...

Venus Fly Traps are native to North Carolina - maybe someone there can send you some? Or by "illegal to import" do you mean import into the state from others?

Vickie-Bex-Alex said...

Venus Fly Traps have been tinctured into a formula that is made in Europe that is illegal to import to the US. Sorry for the lack of clarification.