Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Pride weekend! (Bex-orange)


I went to the parade and had a great time. Unfortunately I didn't make it out to the festival or the clubs but my roommate and I strung up some gay and bi flags in front of our apartment. Not much else to say.

By the way... I LOVE my new transgender therapist. She is awesome. She has even worked with people who are bigender before. Somehow, that makes me feel more legitimate; that I'm not making it up. Its hard when I get tranny-hate mail messages on my blog here.

But on a positive note... my life is really starting to look positive. i've been through a lot these past 3 months with the trauma therapy. I feel like I am whole now and that I have control over my own life, AND a voice. I am what I make of myself and no one or nothing can bring me down like that again.


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Andrew in Memphis...

Glad things are looking up and that you've got a therapist you can relate to. Life is too short to be unhappy, I think it's great that you are working through things and working on being the best "you" that you can be...I guess it's kind of "buddhist" of me to say, but I think that's all anyone really has to be happy. Does that make any sense?

Rebecca, you say "Its hard when I get tranny-hate mail messages on my blog." I don't get why people would post something like that here. They should just not read and move on.

You know deep-down I'm just a simple southern boy. I'm not gonna pretend to understand everything you are going through. You've got an amazing spirit and I have no doubt that as you progress on your way, working things out...anybody who isn't there to support you will wish they had been...

Vickie-Bex-Alex said...

thanks Andrew! and yes... that does make sense. :-)